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How to assemble and decorate an elegant and functional American kitchen

How to assemble and decorate an elegant and functional American kitchen

  PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES In addition to serving to prepare meals, the kitchen serves as a space for interaction for many Brazilian families. The American kitchen facilitates this use of the environment, as it is integrated into the dining room, having only a half wall as a division, which often also functions as a counter. According to the

Garden stones

Garden stones: discover the most suitable for this space

  PHOTO: REPRODUCTION / PATRICIA MARTINEZ ARCHITECTURE Garden stones are useful and beautify the environment. Now, have you ever stopped to find out which types will suit your garden? Do they change depending on whether you are indoors or outdoors? Today, Tea Casa brings, in addition to the most used species, tips for those who want to build a

Christmas Crafts

Christmas Crafts: 100 Ideas and Tutorials to Make, Decorate or Sell

ISTOCK One of the coolest things about the holiday season, besides celebrating with the people we love, is the Christmas decorations. Mounting the tree and tidying up the house to receive family member’s turns out to be a very special moment. And for those who like Christmas crafts, you can make your own decorative pieces. Check out amazing inspirations!

Popsicle stick crafts

Popsicle stick crafts: 50 creative and step-by-step ideas

  PHOTO: REPRODUCTION / SIMPLICHIQUE If you like handicrafts, you know that there are many ways of crafting possible to do. But, did you know that you can reuse even Popsicle sticks? Yes, these small pieces of wood can be transformed into beautiful pieces, such as jewelry boxes, flower vases, houses, paintings and niches for walls, lamps, chests,

Small oasis:

Small oasis: 40 amazing lake projects in home gardens

  PHOTO: REPRODUCTION / DANIEL NUNES LANDSCAPING To calm things down, there’s nothing better than listening to the sound of the water, whether it’s the sound of waves, water flowing down a river, rain on the window… But in addition to these lovely sounds of nature, enjoying the water also provides the sensation of calm and

40 creatively decorated black bedroom models

40 creatively decorated black bedroom models

PHOTO: ISTOCK Initially, using black in decoration seems a risky choice. For many people, decorating with this color is synonymous with a dark and gothic environment, but if you pay attention you can see that black has a high dose of sophistication, sobriety and elegance that does not easily appear in other shades. The black color

Simple Birthday Decoration

Simple Birthday Decoration: 75 Creative and Cost-Effective Ideas

  OH HAPPY DAY Your birthday is coming up and your wallet is half empty? But still, don’t you want to let this date go unnoticed? Then check out this rich story where we’ve put together dozens of amazing and tasteful simple birthday decor ideas that fit your budget! Making use of recycled materials, as well as

Entrance hall

Entrance hall: 100 passionate decor inspirations

  PHOTO: REPRODUCTION / ENZO SOBOCINSKI ADVERTISING The entrance hall, without a doubt, is the main calling card of a residence, as it is the environment where visitors have their first contact. For this reason, great care and attention is required when designing and organizing the space, in order to guarantee a good harmony between the environments.

MDF Crafts

MDF Crafts: 80 creative ideas to decorate and be enchanted

PHOTO: REPRODUCTION / MARILDA SILVESTRE ADVERTISING MDF is one of the favorite materials of those who work with crafts. This type of wood is easy to handle and still has an affordable price that usually fits in all pockets. The versatility of MDF is such that you can make items to decorate and organize every room in your

Provençal decoration

Provençal decoration: learn to incorporate this style into your home

  PHOTO: ISTOCK Provençal decoration emerged in the south of France, in the city of Provence, around the 16th century. At that time, the peasants sought to bring the decoration of their homes closer to the decorations existing in French palaces and did not know that their attempts would result in a unique and particular style

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