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Railing: 80 ideas to inspire your home

  PHOTO: REPRODUCTION / LEONARDO MULLER Railings are protective structures used in elevated environments such as balconies, walkways, mezzanines and stairwells. They are the ones that prevent someone from falling from places with high unevenness. But in addition to ensuring safety, it’s important to remember that it’s also part of the decor. Therefore, when choosing which model you prefer,

Understand the importance of the retaining wall in a building

Understand the importance of the retaining wall in a building

  PHOTO: REPRODUCTION / DENIS JOELSONS There are a few steps to follow before starting a build. After choosing the land and preparing the project for the residence to be built – together with a qualified professional -, it is necessary to prepare the site. This step usually includes the grounding of the space, a procedure that guarantees

Learn how to clean the fridge correctly with foolproof tips and tricks

Learn how to clean the fridge correctly with foolproof tips and tricks

  PHOTO: ISTOCK The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, as it is where food is prepared and stored. Therefore, a good cleaning becomes essential to avoid the accumulation of dirt and impurities that can cause serious health problems. In the case of the refrigerator, the attention must be doubled, because if

Round mirror

Round mirror: 80 charming models to decorate your home

  PHOTO: REPRODUCTION / PAOLA RIBEIRO The mirror is a piece that works very well in decoration. Versatile, easy to combine and can be used in any environment. Among the different types, the round shape has been gaining more and more space when decorating the house. They are beautiful, delicate, modern, functional and very practical. A great option to complement

Adam's rib

Adam’s rib: how to include this exuberant plant in the decoration

  ISTOCK Also known as Monstera Delicious, the Adam’s rib is a plant with vibrant color and ideal size to decorate the interior of the home. Originally from the region of Mexico, it is adapted to tropical climates, having long intersecting foliage, simulating the appearance of a rib, hence the origin of its name. It can

40+ creative and trendy shelf ideas

40+ creative and trendy shelf ideas

  PHOTO: REPRODUCTION / A BEAUTIFUL MESS Good use of spaces and organization are essential factors when decorating environments, so it is important to invest in furniture that is both decorative and functional. A good example of this type of furniture are the shelves that serve both to store items that require greater care (books,


Silestone: learn more about this beautiful and versatile material

  PHOTO: REPRODUCTION / COSENTINO With the coatings market developing every year, new and better options are created to meet the needs of buyers. And silestone is an example of this practice. Synthetic material formed by a mixture of 94% of natural quartz with other crystals, a factor that guarantees greater hardness and resistance than other options currently

Shelves for rooms

Shelves for rooms: 75 ideas to make the environment even more beautiful

  PHOTO: REPRODUCTION / ÉRICA SALGUERO Shelves deserve special attention when decorating the room, as they are essential to make the room more organized, stylish and functional, as they often help to optimize space in small spaces without leaving the charm aside. Extremely versatile, the shelf can become a small library with books and magazines, store

Green Room

Green Room: 40 photos and tips for betting on the color for your dorm

  PHOTO: REPRODUCTION / HOME DESIGNING Great allies of interior decoration, colors not only beautify, but also harmonize and convey different characteristics and particularities to the environments in which they are applied. The warmer tones (such as yellow, orange and red) provide feelings of welcome, while the cooler ones (such as blue, green and violet) visually expand


Skylight: beauty, functionality and energy saving

PHOTO: REPRODUCTION / JOÃO ARMENTANO Ideal to give a touch of refinement by allowing natural lighting in an indoor environment, the skylight becomes a good option for those looking for a difference when building. Its use began in ancient Europe, with the function of illuminating large buildings and aesthetically alleviating the weight of their domes. Indicated to

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